Tributes to Adam from the Family

Dear Adam,

What can I say about you – my wonderful boy, always affectionate, kind and funny.

You are the most caring and non judgmental young man I have ever met. You are so much like your lovely Dad in so many ways. You both have an amazing relationship with time that has no connection with reality whatsoever. You both have minds full of questions and a real enjoyment of discussing the meaning of life or what you read in the Guardian that day for hours at a time. You showed an intellectual depth coupled with a really wonderful humanity in your conversations and thoughts.

Pat, Dave and AdamYou share a passion for sport and football in particular whether it be playing, coaching, watching or (in the case of Manchester City) suffering! Your Dad always phoned you on his mobile after the match. I know that the level of discussion you guys managed with such a wealth of detail and knowledge made your conversations much better than any of the TV pundits. (In fact Adam you have so many of the qualities of Gary Linekar including charm, football knowledge, easy manner, ears, nose … I think that was a career waiting to happen.)

Another wonderful quality you share with your Dad is your gentle nature. I am so proud that you could be so unashamedly gentle and loving. You are so open and honest and confident enough to show your vulnerable side to your friends. One of them told us recently that you told your mates that you had the best Dad in the world and that you really, really loved him, Another of your friends was heard to ask “So what is Adam’s Dad like?” And the reply came back “Just like Adam but 30 years older.” (Yes Adam – your Dad was really pleased when he heard that.)

We know you and have always loved you to bits and felt you were really special. What has been absolutely overwhelming since the day you left us is the number of people you had such a big impact on. Your wonderful warmth and humanity touched everyone you met and you were so loved by so many people.

I will miss your wonderful quirky sense of humour. I now know that you are famous amongst your friends for telling really bad jokes and your penchant for funny fancy dress outfits. I also know that you were a true and loyal friend and you cared deeply about them. I have never heard you say a bad word about anyone – you always looked for the good in people and gave the benefit of the doubt. You also had such a strong sense of fair play and what was right and just.

Your relationship with your brothers is loving, if boisterous at times and you all knew you could rely on each other totally. We have had so many wonderful family times together, out walking in the lakes, sitting round our family table and eating and drinking together.

You are the most loving and affectionate son a mother could wish for. I am so glad that our last day together was so full of hugs and kisses. I am immensely proud of all of my sons and I am desolate to have lost you Adam. You would be proud of the way they have tried to support each other when feeling such utter despair. I do not know how we will find the strength to carry on without you but we are holding on to your spirit – it is with us constantly. On your last day you lost your life trying to help someone and because you were very clear in your wishes to be a donor – you have given new life to 5 critically ill people. Loving and giving to the end. You are my beloved son and my heart is aching for you with such pain. I will miss you more than I can ever say.

Your Mum xxxxxxxxxx