Gift of Life

After his death, Adam gave new life to 5 people.

He was on the Organ Donor Register, he had talked to his Dad about it and we are really glad he is living on in this way.

adam-and-the-seaIt was a very difficult time to make such an important decision but we are so glad that we did. If you read the quotes from the letters we have received from the recipients I am sure you will understand. It is one of the few positive outcomes from the tradgedy of Adam’s death and it gives us great comfort to know it is what Adam would have wanted

Another new life from Adam’s ‘Gift of LIfe’

On Tuesday 26th April we were lucky to be able to meet Mark Smith, his wife Caroline and their 7 month old baby Emily. We have been in touch via letters for 18 months and in his last letter Mark told us that he and Caroline had tablemdandp-315-19had a new baby. We were really pleased and wanted to share the joy of their story with others. This meant taking a big step forward from the annonymous stage of the process and letting Mark know more details about what had happened to Adam.

It is quite unusual for donor families and recipients to meet and this is very understandable. It was a big decision for both Mark and ourselves to take this step but it just seemed the right thing to do. It was a very moving experience for all of us but one that was very rewarding too. We have had lots of phone calls and messages from people who have told us they have signed up on the donor register after hearing about Mark’s story.

Sam Chadderton reported in Lancashire Telegraph.

Gary Mills, manager of Padiham Ladies FC, where Adam used to volunteer as a coach, said: “It is nice to see that some good has come from it, it is something positive for the family and it must have been nice for them to meet the person who has benefited.

“When I first heard that Adam wanted to be a donor it didn’t surprise me one bit, he was just that kind of person. All he ever wanted to do was to help people.

“He helped us as a volunteer and he had so much time for everybody else, he couldn’t do enough for people.”

North West transplant co-ordinator Greg Bleakley said: “I’ve never had a donor family meet the recipients before. Usually a lot of the information is anonymised.

“It’s a fantastic tale and the baby is the cherry on top.

Mark & family“Organ donation will never be the outcome the Rogers family wanted but this result has provided a crumb of comfort and their campaign to get others on the organ donor list is fabulous.

“This young man’s life has been transformed by a complete stranger.”

According to NHS stats there are currently 8,000 people on the waiting list of which an average of 3 die each day with no suitable donor found. Only 30% of the UK are on the register.

To register visit or ring the NHS Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23 or text SAVE to 84118.

For more information you can also look at the website of Graham Brushett who is doing a lot of work in schools and colleges about organ donation. His website has a lot of useful information and can be found on this link (The Donor Transplant Education Group)

How it makes a difference

We have been really moved by all of the lovely letters we have received, we hope it makes you all think carefully about being on the donor register.


“I have four sons and a daughter and on the 4th July 2009 I went into hospital for a transplant which unfortunately didn’t work. I was then put on the Super Urgent list and was dying until your Sons’ donation saved my life and for that myself and my family will be forever grateful. Like yourselves we are a very close family and are all saddened by your loss. After many years of illness I am now looking forward to years of good health and this is all due to your generous Son. ……..Though I did not know Adam, I will never forget him for as long as I live and I intend to honour his precious gift by making the most of the time he has given me by living life to full.”


“We have two sons and we seem to share all the same family values as yourselves. I cannot stress enough the life you have given back to me through Adam. For the last ten years my life was so restricted in everything I did. …… I have been told that, had I not been able to have a transplant at that time, my life span would have been very short indeed. You mentioned in your letter how proud you are of your son Adam. I cannot stress enough how much we agree with you in the gift of life he gave to us, and I can assure you that being given this chance of a new life, I will not let Adam down.”


“I was diagnosed 5 years ago with the start of renal failure …. I am exceedingly well now ….. I have more energy than I have had in the past five years thanks to the new Kidney and Pancreas ….. For that I have you as a family to thank. This must have been a very difficult thing for you to consider and to action, especially under the circumstances, but you have all shown amazing courage in making this decision and I cannot thank you enough. Also my heart goes out to the loved one you have lost, as it does to you all …… This is a gift of life wihich I am grabbing with both hands and I want you all to know that every day, every hour and every minute I give thanks to you all that this has happened.”


“How can words alone ever convey the depth of gratitude we have of the selfless action of your son and family with the immense gift of life that you have provided us. ………I had been told that only a new heart could provide me with any hope of a lifeline. It is only because of your son’s heart that I can now lead a new life and see my daughter grow up. I remain mindful of the value of the loving gift of life your son has enabled me to have. I owe my life to him and I wish to honour his gift by utilising every moment of time with great respect and lead a life of service.”


If you would like to know more or register please follow the link below