Train the Trainers!

Restorative justice session

Our Train the Trainers project has trained over 650 professionals who work with young people to use our ‘Every Action Has consequences’ Education Pack. The work was developed as a result of the death of Adam Rogers who was killed by a single punch whilst acting as a peacemaker on a night out.

For every person who is trained to use the pack and provided with the resources, they are then able to share it with their own colleagues. Each person trained to use Adam’s Story has the potential to share it with up to 1000 young people in the first year, depending on their working environment. That is up to  650,000 young people The feedback we have had from the training and also from people who have started to use the pack in their working environment has been amazing. The work we do is changing attitudes and changing lives.We asked the people at the training events if they thought Adam’s Story would have a lasting impact on young people the response was overwhelming:

“How can it not? One of the most powerful DVD’s I have seen both personally and professionally.”

“Excellent resource to trigger difficult discussions with young people. Great that it can be used with a variety of groups from KS3 to FE and Family sessions.”

“Definitely, I find the young people respond much better to ‘real life’ true stories and this is a very real ongoing issue for young people today.”

“Anyone using this powerful story would benefit, I have seen first hand how it works with young offenders. Definitely should be shown in all schools.”

“Without a doubt, good to have resources that are real, a lot of young people I work with are heavily involved in the drink and violence culture.”

“Very thought provoking, excellent resource. I am positive the young people I work with will have an emotional and long lasting response to this work.”

“This emotional story will bring home to many young people how they have behaved in the past, without thinking of the possible consequences.”